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Imagin Consulting

(Formerly CareerMentorNet)

Imagin Consulting, LLC  is a boutique consulting and coaching agency that guides organizations and underrepresented professionals towards equity.

Our Services

Inspiring Leadership

We help organizations develop, implement, and evaluate diversity, equity, and inclusion activities to improve their workplace culture. We provide leadership training, employee workshops, and lead DEI climate change management for organizations. We also coach and mentor underrepresented professionals, who work in environments where they may be perceived as token employees, by providing tips on how to handle microaggressions, effectively brand themselves, mitigate work conflict, and seek advancement in their career.

Experts in Leadership Development

Leadership Seminars

Our seminars are fun and engaging while also informative. Using an experiential learning approach, your managers will learn about different types of power, recognize the distinction between leadership and authority, the value of self-leadership, and the importance of teamwork in order to become more productive at work.

Examples of professional development leadership seminars:

– Avoid diversity myths to avoid diversity failures
– Mitigating the unseeen: Using S.T.E.P.- I.N. to manage microaggressions
– I.M.A.G.I.N.: A framework for DEI climate change

Experts in Employee Development

Employee Development Workshops

Transform your workforce into a cohesive team of leaders. Drawing from evidence-based research, our employee workshops utilize an interdisciplinary approach for developing your employees, integrating research from psychology, sociology, anthropology, and leadership theory to help enhance employee productivity and organizational performance.

Examples of employee workshops:

– Perception is reality: Why individual differences at work matter
– Diversity 101
– M.I.C.R.O. framework: How employees can navigate microaggressions 

Experts in Consulting

Consulting Services

We focus on

Sharing Ideas

Visit what we read and hear in the website menu to read our blog posts on everything related to organizational dynamics from leadership to workplace diversity.

Connecting People

Visit our facebook page at to share your thoughts or ideas and network with like-minded professionals seeking to better themselves. Join the Imagin Consulting, LLC facebook group to view Facebook live and pre-recorded posts, interviews, and updates.

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